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Aguaclara swimwear

Since its launch in 1989, Aguaclara Swimwear has truly been a family affair. Starting from just an enthusiasm and vision for beautiful designer swimsuits, brother and sister Jorge and Liliana Villalobos founded the company in their hometown of Lima, Peru. Although Aguaclara started off as a small workshop, the designer line quickly gained widespread popularity within the local area. Today, Aguaclara Swimwear is one of the leading brands in both Peru and abroad.

Aguaclara swimwear
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Piel Tankini (BOTTOM ONLY)

Piel Tankini (BOTTOM ONLY)


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Leopard Bandeau

Leopard Bandeau


Fashion Tip

Aguaclara is known for their funky monokinis and bold Latin-inspired prints. If you're looking for a new swimsuit that's truly unique, give Aguaclara a try!


Aguaclara's designer swimsuits are specifically made for the restless traveler-the kind of traveler who's always looking for the hottest new trends; however, the collections always have strong ethnic roots, as they are significantly influenced by the local Amazon and Andean cultures. This idyllic tendency is fused with state of the art technologies, resulting in unique and modern designer swimsuits that are in a class all their own. Each collection from Aguaclara Swimwear features elaborate embroidery patterns, exclusive prints, as well as hand-made and natural accessories that are specifically designed for individual designer swimsuits. All of these features help create the intimately personal and tailor-made feel of Aguaclara Swimwear.

Today, Aguaclara's designer swimsuits are at the forefront of the industry, and its beautifully unique collections are showcased in countries around the world. Furthermore, Aguaclara has been featured on popular magazine covers and in editorials. Experience a taste of Peruvian culture with each and every swimsuit from Aguaclara Swimwear!

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