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We’ve got another designer interview for you!  The one and only Monica Wise of L Space Swimwear talked exclusively with about the new 2011 L Space line and this year’s hottest trends and styles…



Q: What do you enjoy most about designing swimwear?
A: I love the entire process but my favorite is at the conceptual stage, when I select the fabric and design the hardware from scratch. It is amazing to see a small swatch, scrap of metal and an idea transform into a beautiful bikini worn by thousands of women all around the world.



Q: What’s your favorite new swim trend for 2011?
A: Definitely my “L*Novelties” styles. Adding that extra detail gives swimwear a luxurious touch. I created an entire group this season doing just that with macramé and fishnet treatments. The price point is slightly higher but I think more women are leaning towards that sophisticated showstopper and I’m excited to design it for them!



Q: Tell us a little about the inspiration(s) behind the 2011 Monica Wise Designer of L Space Swimwearcollection.

A: For 2011 you will see a trend of matte golds, ethnic prints and detailed treatments incorporated throughout the collection. Gray plays a huge role in both my loungewear and swim this season. Its cool yet subtle presence makes for a soft and complimenting color on all skin types. I also incorporated the adage “opposites attract” into the collection and popped a very vivid set of Kelly greens, acid blues, corals and rich reds with soft hues creating a eye-catching statement for the pools or at the beach.
Silhouette-wise I love the exhibitionist style of the Rio De Janeiro beaches…we’re not talking topless here but I did pay a small tribute to that barely there coverage in triangle tops and Brazilian bottoms, coining them in the collection as Skinnie Minnie and the Scanty.



Q: The 2011 collection features a number of new top and bottom styles.  What’s your favorite new style and why?
A: The Beverly Bandeau.  Every swim manufacturer has caught on to the bandeau band-wagon so to offer our customers something fresh we gave our top selling Lola Bandeau a facelift. By changing the back tie to a front tie, bandeau fans get a little lift for the “girls” along with an easy-on-the-spine comfort for hours of bronzing on the beach.



Q: Every year, you always create exclusive new styles and collaborate with different organizations.  This year, you teamed up with the African Wildlife Foundation and created the “Wild At Heart” capsule collection.  Could you tell us a little about the collection and the inspiration behind it?

A: This season I am collaborating with an organization that I have admired for years. There is a special place in my heart for animals so I jumped at the opportunity to work with such an influential movement. Using a vintage color pallet for a refreshing spin on animal prints, the small collection emulates the beautiful coats of zebras and leopards found in two regions (Kilimanjaro and Limpopo) of the AWF conservation efforts. It is an honor to partner with the AWF (not to mention wildlife indigenous to Africa lend themselves quite nicely to swimwear prints) and I cannot wait to see how this wildlife-inspired capsule collection is received.



Q: What’s your all time favorite product that you’ve designed thus far and why?

Stardust Fringe One-Piece: Monica's Favorite Style!

Stardust Fringe One-Piece: Monica's Favorite Style!

A: That would have to be my Stardust Fringe One-Piece. I came up with the concept about six years ago after seeing the treatment on a shoe while traveling abroad. My thought process was if it looked good on a shoe it has to look good on a bikini, right? Yes, although my epiphany seemed unlikely to most, six years later that fringe epiphany remains a top seller in my collection and one I hope to carry through and reinvent for many more years.



Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself that most people do not know (the quirkier, the better!)

A: Well I guess most people would NOT know that I am an absolute reality show addict. Anything from American Idol and Rachel Zoe to Top Chef and Project Runway…I think I have upwards of 10 reality series set on my TiVo at the moment. I just can’t get enough!



Q: What’s one item you can’t live without at the beach?

A: Although a solid summer read and designer shades are included in my beach tote, I would have to say Sunscreen is one item I cannot live without. As we know bikinis only cover a small breadth up top and down below so protecting my skin is priority! So much of a priority that I created my very own L*Space SPF, Shady Lady to keep beach bound babes healthy and unscathed from the harsh UV’s.

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