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Today we’re SO excited to have a guest post from Lauren Boggi, founder and CEO of Philadelphia’s own LitheMethod!  As a seasoned fitness and lifestyle expert, Lauren shares her tips and tricks for getting ready for bikini season… Enjoy!



Can you believe we only have about 8 weeks until Memorial Day and the official start of summer 2013?  Now is the perfect time to start thinking about this year’s swimsuit pick and that bikini body to go along with it!  If you’re human, you probably need that extra push to reach your goals so that you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.  Here are my top six tips for getting yourself bikini-ready:


Lithe Method

"Me spray tanned, Lithe's CCS (and Lithe instructor, Liz Galbally), my fithiphealthy summer 2013 inspiration bikini by L Space, Sautéed greens and me in Las Terranas, D.R. wearing La Perla." -- Lauren Boggi

Strip & Substitute:  Clean out your fridge and pantry!  Replace all of the heavy, out-of-season winter food items, and replace them with lighter, seasonal items that will make it easy to eat and cook healthy.  Substitute processed foods for delicious whole food options.  When everyone’s starts lining up at the ice cream stand, make this Pumpkin Maple Parfait to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing that sweet booty!


Start Now:  The body doesn’t respond well to “boot-camp” extremes; you can’t change your body overnight. You’ll need at least 8 weeks of fitness at least 4 to 6 days a week in conjunction with a re-vamped, cleaned-up diet to safely and effectively change your body and reach your goals by bikini season.


CCS!  As in Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting.  If you are a Lither, increase your CCS time.  Combining Cardio + Sculpting type work is crucial to build muscle, blast fat and amp up your metabolism.  It’s really the best way to change your body with the quickness.  If you’re not near a Lithe Method studio, try injecting bursts of cardio in between your sculpting work at home or the gym.


Size It Down.  Beautiful clothing always inspires me.  I’m going to suggest something kind of radical that may just inspire you.  If you have weight to lose, go out this weekend and buy a great pair of shorts (or a bikini) a size smaller than you are right now.  Eight weeks from now, those shorts will either fit or they won’t.  It’s really up to you!


Spray Tan.  Warm up that winter skin and invest in a good spray tan.  I recommend Skin Palette here in Philadelphia.  I get sprayed every month.  I love how it really gives me a boost.  Your makeup and skin will look better, roots are less noticeable, teeth look whiter, you’ll look slimmer, and you’ll feel more confident.


Sautéed Greens:  My secret to losing the last five pounds?  Increase your intake of fresh-pressed juice and water, and reduce your intake of gassy and bloat-causing foods like soda, salt, dairy, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and high-fat items.  Eat sautéed kale, swiss chard, or collard greens every day!


Self-Worth:  You can do all of the above, but it really boils down to self-acceptance, not self-deprecation.  Many women have a total fear of wearing a bikini, no matter what their size or body type is.  Often, this is due to a distorted body image.  Building your self-esteem is really important because it serves as the foundation for your body image.  Once you accept that (and yourself!), the sky is the limit and wearing that bikini with confidence is a piece of cake!



Lauren Boggi, founder and CEO of Lithe Method®, is a fitness and lifestyle expert and an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the health/fitness industry.


Recently noted as one of the “best ways to get fit for fall” by Yahoo Health and Prevention Magazine, Lithe Method is an innovative workout regimen that combines Cardio-Cheer Sculpting® (CCS) with a proprietary Higher Power Band System®.


As a former Division 1A USC college cheerleader, dancer, and Pilates instructor, Boggi was looking for a fun, creative, and, of course, effective workout that she just couldn’t find in the traditional fitness arena. So, she decided to combine the best of her cheerleading, dance, and fitness background to create her own proprietary Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® technique. Soon, she took her passion for movement to new heights with her workout phenomenon, the Lithe Method®.

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    Some great tips! Biggest take aways- Start early, eat in season and appreciate what your Mama gave you ! :)