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Today we have a guest post from Ted at Pc Pools.  We teamed up with them and came up with some fun “staycation” ideas, perfect for showing off your swimsuits…  Enjoy!


Do you ever come across an item while you’re shopping that you love but don’t necessarily “need”?  It might even cost a bit more than you wanted to pay, but it looks really great?  It happens to me all the time.  If you are looking at a new swimsuit or cover up and wondering if you need it, wonder no more.  There is always a place to wear a great new swimsuit, and if there isn’t, you can have tons of fun making one up! 


According to pool industry insiders, many consumers have turned to backyard pools as they decide to forgo vacations and spend more time at home.  Stay-at-home vacations, or “stay-cations,” are becoming more and more popular with families.  So even if you aren’t picking out your new swimsuit for an upcoming dream vacation, don’t think there won’t be a place to show it off!  What better way to experience summer fun than by combining an opportunity to show off your new swimsuit or beachwear with a backyard party for you and your friends?


PcPools has teamed up with InStyleSwimwear to bring you great ideas for backyard pool parties, even if you don’t have a swimming pool!

Pool Party

Host a pool party and show off your favorite swimsuits!

Hawaiian Luau
Invite your friends over for a pretend getaway to Hawaii!  Ready-made “Luau” party kits are available at local party stores and craft shops, but make sure you get one that comes with Leis and Hula skirts.  If your budget is a little larger, spring for tropical colored lights, bamboo accents, and even some tiki torches for when day turns to night.  Tropical flowers scattered across tables and the surface of the pool, if applicable, is a great finishing touch.


Mani/Pedi Day
Invite your friends over for a day of lounging and pampering in the sun.  Tell everyone to bring their favorite nail polish, swimsuit, and robe, and your backyard will be transformed.  Offer mimosas to ensure nobody skips out on your backyard bash.  If you have a bigger budget – or everyone else wants to chip in – you could even rent a manicurist/pedicurist to come to your house for the day.


Backyard Cookout
Whether you use this idea in conjunction with one of the others or by itself, a backyard summer cookout is a great excuse to show off your new swim or lounge wear.  Don’t have a pool?  Buy a few kiddie pools and fill it with water!  Guests will think it’s fun and creative.  There is no better place for a cookout than poolside, even if your “pool” can only drown a pair of toes.


 Lastly, here are some final tips to make sure your party is a hit:


• If possible, provide a room for people to change in, but remember the floor may get wet from swimmers.
• Provide shade for guests.  Some people prefer it, but many just want a chance to get out of the sun for a while.  We recommend a patio umbrella.

Kiddie Pool Party

Don't have a pool? Buy some kiddie pools & have a cookout!

• Use plastic glasses or cups for drinks.  Not only will it be safer but it will enhance the atmosphere of the party.
• Make sure you have extra towels.

• Provide inflatable pool toys and loungers so guests are drawn to the water
• Play some music! Whether it’s the Beach Boys, sounds of the ocean, or a ukulele, provide some tunes.
• Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.  Use it and provide it, but be careful not to get it on your new swimsuit.


PcPools is an online retailer of above ground pools and pool supplies, like pool liners and pool toys.  Check them out today!

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