Taking Care Of Your Swimwear

Believe it or not, many people don’t know the proper way to care for their designer swimwear.  Also, it’s very common to disregard the washing instructions and small print found on the inside tags.  Although instructions may vary with brand and product, we took it upon ourselves to put together these general easy to follow tips on how to care for your swimsuits.  Follow these guidelines and they’ll be sure to last!


First, let’s start off with some general tips.  Bright colors are more sensitive to sunlight, so prolonged sun exposure can actually accelerate the fading of your designer swimwear.  In addition, make sure your pool or hot tub’s chlorine content isn’t too excessive, as this can diminish the overall durability of the delicate designer swimwear fabrics; too much chlorine can actually break down the Lycra Spandex and ruin the overall shape.  Also, you should always try and avoid rough surfaces, such as coarse textured pool decks, as these can also ruin the smooth texture and delicate nature of designer swimwear fabrics.  Finally, try to avoid getting oils, lotions, or any other cosmetic products on your swimsuits, which can be very harmful to the luxe fabrics.


Next let’s talk about washing your swimsuits.  Never, I repeat never, wash your designer swimwear in a washing machine.  Even on the gentlest of cycles, washing machines are too rough and can ruin the fabric, shape, and any detailed embellishments; washing machines accelerate the breakdown of Lycra Spandex and can also ruin any bra inserts or padding.  Always wash your designer swimwear gently by hand after every wear, and make sure that the water is cold or warm—not too hot.  To remove all of the salt and chlorine, use mild soaps, rather than ordinary laundry detergents, that are specifically meant for delicate fabrics.


After washing you swimwear, make sure to squeeze gently to remove any excess water; wringing or twisting is a big no-no, as these motions will ruin the shape and fabric of your designer swimwear.  To dry your swimsuits, do not use a dryer.  Instead, lay your swimwear flat in a shaded and ventilated area.  Since irons are way too hot for delicate designer swimwear fabrics, laying your swimsuits flat to dry will help reduce any wrinkles or creasing.


Taking care of your swimsuits is really very simple.  Just remember—too much chlorine and washers/dryers are your biggest enemies.  Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have sexy designer swimwear styles for many seasons to come!

  • Abigail Mae Prescott

    I find this post very helpful. I do agree with the points/tips you raised. I hope more people will read your post and adhere to the tips you have given.