Bra Pads

For those of you who are looking for that little extra something, meet your new best friend-bra pads by Bravo. Not only do they come in a number of different shapes and styles, but each one is specifically designed to do something different. The pads without the push help shape the bust line and will easily fix that see-through problem. Whether you're looking to fill out a top, desire natural shaping, or long for instant cleavage, Bravo bra pads surely have what you're looking for.

Ultra Shaper

Ultra Shaper


Fashion Tip

Bra pads by Bravo are perfect for solving the see-through swimsuit issue!


In addition to their enhancing qualities, nude colored styles are seemingly invisible and can be inserted, pinned, or sewn into virtually any swimsuit. We personally hand-selected the most essential styles of Bravo bra pads, including a newer Silicone style, to present you with the widest and best selection possible. Ready to get that perfect bust silhouette you've been dreaming of?

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