Bravo Pads

Since the creation of Bravo Pads, the world of swimwear has been forever changed. There are a seemingly endless variety of padded styles, all of which can be inserted, sewn, or pinned into any swimwear style; whether you prefer to flaunt your stuff in triangle tops, halter tops, bandeau bikinis, or even one pieces, Bravo Pads are perfect to give you that little something extra. Each type of Bravo Pad differs in design, so you can get that extra supportive push or enhancing shape that you've been yearning for all your life.

Bravo Pads
This Brand Is Out To Sea!



In addition to their great enhancing qualities, the nude colored Bravo Pads are completely waterproof and are seemingly invisible in even the lightest of fabrics. Although they were originally designed for swimwear, the pads may also be worn comfortably in everyday settings as well. carries a wide variety of Bravo Pads that compliment you in the most impressive ways, so now you can really achieve that flawless swimsuit model look!

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