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Charmline by Maryan Mehlhorn Swimwear

Charmline Swimwear proves that Maryan Mehlhorn never stops working for her loyal fans around the world! She has achieved great success-yet again-with the recent launch of Charmline. Similar to Maryan Mehlhorn's other world-renowned brands, Charmline Swimwear is created with excellence, elegance, and sophistication in mind; however, the designer swimwear line separates itself from the rest of the Maryan Mehlhorn brands with its particularly flattering hidden engineering and lower prices.

Charmline by Maryan Mehlhorn Swimwear
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25% off

Aquarelle Art

Aquarelle Art


40% off

Light shaping Jungle Dream

Jungle Dream


40% off




25% off

D cup Rainbow Shades

Rainbow Shades


50% off

Mastectomy Colour Mastectomy

Colour Mastectomy


39% off

D Cup Sea Flower

Sea Flower


53% off

Flower Garden

Flower Garden


Fashion Tip

If you're in need of a swimsuit that provides ample coverage and great support, check out the assorted styles from Charmline Swimwear by Maryan Mehlhorn! Certain styles feature tummy control while others are made especially for women who have had a mastectomy, but all are ultra-flattering!


Although the majority of products from Charmline are one-piece style designer swimsuits, due to their hidden body control designing, every woman can confidently flaunt her stuff and will undoubtedly look hotter than ever! The secret to Charmline Swimwear is the higher Lycra count, which provides tighter body control and also dries surprisingly fast. All of the characteristic designer features fans have come to know and love by Maryan Mehlhorn swimwear-such as comfortable bust support, flattering shapes, and luxurious fabrics-are all present in the impressive collection from Charmline Swimwear. InStyleSwimwear.com now features the essential designer styles from Charmline Swimwear by Maryan Mehlhorn-go ahead and add a beautiful silhouette to your list of charming qualities!

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