CHIO by Stefania D Swimwear

Since its launch in 1999, CHIO Swimwear has been redefining haute couture in the designer swim and beachwear industry. The CHIO di Stefania D line was first dreamed up by designer Stefania di Simone, and today, she works with her sister Maria Cristina in Italy to create beautiful swimwear collections for a particular type of clientele—CHIO is a designer line that's meant to inspire, specifically made for women who wish to inspire others.

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Black Night

Black Night


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Sand Dune

Sand Dune


Fashion Tip

CHIO Swimwear by Stefania D exudes classic elegance and high Italian fashion. Please note that these bikinis are sold as sets so if you have any questions about size, feel free to contact us directly!


In general, CHIO Swimwear is a modernly chic, versatile, and highly flirtatious designer line that fuses old world Mediterranean glamour together with new world sophistication. The designers from CHIO Swimwear have a modern perspective on design that has inspired a refreshing change in the swim and beachwear industry. High quality fabrics are brought to life through modern design techniques. Characteristically, the designer swimwear collections feature rich colors and vibrant prints with uniquely luxurious textures. Also, CHIO Swimwear commonly features sharp laser cutouts, as well as handcrafted ruffles and lace details. Furthermore, intricate embroidery and crochet techniques, as well as carefully placed Swarovski crystals, add beautiful final touches that create a truly polished finished look. With one glance at the new designer collection by CHIO Swimwear, your imagination will run wild in a world where the possibilities are endless

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