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Cocobelle Accessories

Cocobelle Sandals and Accessories are all about staying true to your dreams and enjoying the simplicity of chic summer style. The company was formed back in 2001 when two restless travelers met and fell in love in beautiful Bali. Ignacio Bussy, who was born in Buenos Aires, and Lucy Peglar, who was born in Connecticut, fused their unique personal experiences with their common love for travel, and thus the Cocobelle brand was born.

Cocobelle Accessories
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City Stud

City Stud


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Every fashionista knows that the perfect accessory can make or break your look! Try Cocobelle cuff bracelets or their chic beaded belts to dress up your swimwear ensemble.


Although it started out as a simple inspired vision, the Cocobelle Sandals and Accessory line has evolved over the years into a global trendsetting brand. Every year, the different Cocobelle styles explore the idea of what happens when east meets west, and classic meets modern; the result is a collection of simple yet stylish footwear and accessories that exudes a laid-back, feel-good style.

Regardless of the collection, Cocobelle Sandals and Accessories always work with beautiful organic materials such as embellished beading, polished shells, and semi-precious stones. The sandals and accessories radiate both a bohemian cool and a chic urban edge; furthermore, they never sacrifice comfort, making these sandals perfect for both the beach and city. Today, Cocobelle Sandals and its line of accessories are frequently featured in numerous magazine publications and are considered must-have summer essentials by women all over the world. With Cocobelle Sandals and Accessories, you're sure to get that laid-back summer cool infused with a unique sophisticated glam that'll have you looking like a star in no time.

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