High Waist Swimsuit

Many years ago, people were trading in their high waist swimsuits for sexy low-rise styles, but today, bottoms with higher waists are definitely making a comeback. Since they typically hit just under your belly button, bottoms with high waists are great for hiding the lower tummy area; overall, they create a super flattering fit and sleek silhouette.

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Gottex Profile


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Regatta Blue

Michael Kors
Regatta Blue


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Goddess Athena (BOTTOM ONLY)

Goddess Athena (BOTTOM ONLY)


Fashion Tip

The retro look is back and better than ever! To nail this look, try swimsuits with high-waist bottoms!


In general, high waist bottoms create an all around chic and sophisticated look. A number of designers make great swimsuits with higher waists, such as JETS by Jessika Allen, Hermanny by ViX, Gottex, Gottex Profile, Maryan Mehlhorn, Charmline, and Seafolly. Regardless of the designer, high waist bottoms always promise a stylishly mature look, perfect for today's chic sophisticate.

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