Lidea Swimwear

The new line from Lidea Swimwear proves that Maryan Mehlhorn's still got it! Lidea Swimwear was created with the same design requirements in mind as those featured in her leading self-titled brand—excellence, elegance, and of course, sophistication.

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Dunes Bikini

Dunes Bikini


However, Lidea is the more youthful line by Maryan Mehlhorn, and was designed specifically for women with larger cup sizes. Similar to Maryan Mehlhorn's self-titled brand, Lidea Swimwear offers the mature sophisticate flattering and fashionable designer swimwear styles with beautiful bust support. Under-wire and/or molded cup support is essential to the line, and with the use of luxurious fabrics, these bra-sized swimsuits are surprisingly comfortable. Lidea Swimwear features flattering prints and solids, and because of the perfect hidden bust support, women around the world are able to put their minds at ease and feel completely comfortable wherever they go! Thanks to the different products from Lidea Swimwear by Maryan Mehlhorn featured on, you can be sure to save the bikini horror stories for someone else!

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