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MIKOH Swimwear

MIKOH Swimwear takes the phrase "all in the family" to a whole new level! Sister design duo, Oleema and Kalani Miller, came up with the name for their designer swimwear line by combining the first two letters of their last name, the first initial of the duo's first names and the first initial of Hannah, their younger sister. And since "Miko" means "female prophecy" in Japanese, "MIKOH Swimwear" was a no-brainer!

MIKOH Swimwear
This Brand Is Out To Sea!



Growing up in Orange County, California, Oleema and Kalani spent their days in the water, frolicking in the waves and soaking up that warm SoCal sun. The girls practically lived in their bathing suits! Their parents were both designers, so their passions for self-expression, creativity, art and fashion were in their blood. As the girls grew older, they became inspired by their travels and the world's most exotic beaches, which motivated them to embark on a joint venture--to create a collection that reflected the duo's love of travel, fashion and the perfect bikini. And thus MIKOH Swimwear was born!

Above all, MIKOH represents strength, beauty and femininity, and is made for the girl who likes to stand out and make a statement wherever she goes. The designers illustrate the term "less is more" with their skimpy, cheeky-cut silhouettes, seamless designs and hardware-free styles. And when these elements are combined with ultra-luxe fabrics, the result is a perfect-fit swimsuit that shows off your true beauty. For MIKOH Swimwear, it's all in the details. They make their simple yet chic swimsuits come to life with subtle touches that really pack a punch. Think strappy back tops, macrame racerback detailing, peek-a-boo cutouts and more. MIKOH Swimwear has already been featured in an impressive collection of magazines and has been spotted on chic celebrities like Rihanna, LeAnn Rimes, Hilary Duff, Jordin Sparks, Kourtney Kardashian, Denise Richards and more! Wherever life takes you this season, let MIKOH Swimwear be a part of your journey!

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