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Tankini Top

In comparison to bikini styles, tankini tops generally cover more of your stomach. However, different styles of tankinis tend to vary in coverage. Some styles stop at your belly button, while others come down to the top of the swimsuit bottom, coving your midsection completely.

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Fashion Tip

If you're smaller up top, go for tankini tops with prints or embellishment and pair it with a dark solid-colored bottom!


In addition, some tankinis are form fitting to your body. On the other hand, other tankini tops have more of a flared and flattering A-line shape. Also, tankinis can have one, two, or no straps at all (the ones without straps have been cleverly dubbed bandinis)! Furthermore, tankinis also come in cute apron styles that feature an adorable back tie. For those of you who shy away from bikinis but still love the sexy two-piece style, tankini tops are absolutely perfect for you.

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