Thong Swimwear

Thong swimsuits are extremely popular abroad, but they're only starting to gain a bit of popularity in the United States. Since thong bottoms have the least amount of bottom back coverage, a number of people tend to shy away from the sexy swimsuit style. But for the truly bold and daring, thongs are probably just what you've been looking for.

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Fashion Tip

Thong swimsuit bottoms are for the bold at heart! If you want to show off those hard-earned buns of steel, we say go for it!


Although there are a number of designers who carry the ultra-sexy bottom style, we carry thong bottoms from Banana Moon, Aguaclara, OndadeMar Vintage, and others. If you prefer simpler styles and designs, go with Banana Moon, but if you're looking to really make a bold fashion statement, opt for the thong bottoms from Aguaclara or OndadeMar Vintage. Either way, you're sure to turn some heads wherever you go!

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